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Weekly Live Demo of Honeycomb
Managing production services shouldn’t be a stressful on-call nightmare: getting a flood of alerts, struggling to find answers, chasing down the same issues over and over, rolling back deployments, and everything else that too many engineering teams just accept as what comes with the turf.

Honeycomb helps you understand how your applications behave in the real world like never before. Sift through billions of transactions and compare them across thousands of unique dimensions so you can understand the entire system or zoom in on individual users—with the right level of detail at each step—to quickly find the answers you need.

In this live demo, you’ll learn how to:

*Easily get fast insights with distributed tracing
*Find deeply buried anomalies and identify remediation with BubbleUp
*Use service-level objectives (SLOs) to reduce alert noise and focus on what matters

Start building happier teams and faster services to create more satisfied customers. Join our weekly live demo to see how.
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Pierre Tessier
Sales Engineer @Honeycomb
Don't let the sales title fool you. Pierre lives to write code and has contributed to multiple projects in the o11y space. When not observing, he tinkers with Kubernetes on his home server and find ways to automate aspects of everyday life with software.
Michael Sickles
Solutions Architect @Honeycomb
Michael started off in software engineering before making the jump into Sales Engineering. He comes from the APM space and likes to retain his developer centric mentality. His interests are in coding, coffee, video games, rock climbing, and D&D to which he proudly enjoys.