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Weekly Live Demo of Honeycomb
You may have heard the hype; now see it in action. With Honeycomb, modern dev teams build and operate resilient, reliable systems because they can clearly understand them.

Running queries and getting results fast should be table stakes. Ask any question and get results fast, no matter how many fields, without writing new code. Reduce toil and delight your users. Register to learn directly from our SE team.

Attendees will takeaway:
• Anomaly explanation with actionable insights using BubbleUp
• High resolution tracing data out of the box
• Focus on what matters with rapid SLO integration
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Nathan LeClaire
Sales Engineer @Honeycomb
Nathan is a Go programmer and open source enthusiast originally hailing from Louisville, Kentucky. He has worked on projects such as Docker Machine and currently is pursuing his passion for observability, columnar stores, and sales at honeycomb.io.
Pierre Tessier
Sales Engineer @Honeycomb
Don't let the sales title fool you. Pierre lives to write code and has contributed to multiple projects in the o11y space. When not observing, he tinkers with Kubernetes on his home server and find ways to automate aspects of everyday life with software.
Michael Sickles
Solutions Architect @Honeycomb
Michael started off in software engineering before making the jump into Sales Engineering. He comes from the APM space and likes to retain his developer centric mentality. His interests are in coding, coffee, video games, rock climbing, and D&D to which he proudly enjoys.